About Fix-Life…

Hi, my name is Vishal Goswami and I am the founder of fix-life.com. I have been working on websites, blogs, affiliate, android applications and many more for years (Still learning!) and I’ve worked every job in the industry from business process outsourcing, client servicing, customer support, sub-core finance, management trainee to skill candidates in a trade like retail, telecom, customer care etc.

I have a passion to learn every single thing and even sharing with all so that they share with others and grow as i do. Learning doesn’t cost you much even help you in become a successful person, dream to achieve, become entrepreneur. As a MBA in finance, I never had a experience in IT, web developing, creating android applications, affiliate, blogging but I learnt all these by own from here and there because I have an interest in this field.

Money is not everything. I love blogging which is my passion and interest..Which brings me to fix-life.com.