About us

Fixlife is a focused platform specifically dealing in a time efficient and quality oriented purpose allowing you to take care of yourself and your living.

Who we are ?

Fixlife provides professional home cleaning and painting services all over Dubai. To ensure transparency, all services are charged at an hourly rate. The online platform allows you to easily match a cleaning service provider with you when your house needs cleaning. You can book a Fixlife provider in just three steps: Enter your location, make an appointment and pay online. We coordinate all your bookings and then send you an invoice. You can then relax, enjoy a clean home, and let us handle the rest. Before partnering, we conduct background checks to ensure that all cleaners are trustworthy, experienced, and legally licensed.

Why Us ?

Well Reputed
We’re well - reputed cleaning service company having record of our quality work
We provide cleaning schedule based on daily, weekly and monthly timeline
Commitment to Quality
Having a trained staff, we ensure disinfecting and maintaining bacteria - free surfaces
Environmental Friendly
Fixlife always uses environmental friendly cleaning products and techniques
Secure and Confidential
We provide high level of transparency and secure payments that allows you to trust our services
Bonded and Insured
Our professionals protect your valuable items from being damaged during cleaning and painting