Audio Technica ATH-M70x: A perfect audiotech for music lovers

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Audio- Technica ATH- M70x review – Hey friends! This is Vishal Goswami from We make your life easier and happier by providing best solution. We all are aware with this amazing company called Audio-Technica which creates some of the best quality products in the sound market. Company previous headphones like ATH M50x which is one of the best selling headphone. If you want to listen your favorite music or you work as a mixer in sound studio, it’ll give you best result for a surprisingly lowest price.

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You may believe it or not but the Audio- Technica ATH-M70x headphones are far far better than the ATH- M50X which is the latest one in ATH series. It’s the company new flagship headphone in that line. You can choose any of them as per your budget and usage, both models are great. You will find one big difference is price. The ATH-M70x price list is $419, a bit high than the ATH-M50x.

If you are reading this blog, I am sure that many of you have heard of Audio Technica the popular model ATH M50x headphone which comes under 150$ an affordable headphone in best sound quality.

1. What you receive inside box?

After opening the box, the first appearance makes the headphone. Inside the pouch you get three detachable cables – a short and long straight cable ( 3ft and 10ft ) and a coiled cable with ¼” adapter. The m70x is a standard headphone for studio purpose if you are into creating music as well as personal home listening. The first look of course an headphone with a matte finish.

Audio technica ath m70xAudio technica ath m70x

2. Build quality, Design and Comfort –

If we talk about build quality the ATH-M70x is excellent to use rough and tough just like ATH-M50x. Audio Technica brand will never let you down especially in build quality and design. Both almost look same except the weight that ATH-M50x has. For now the Audio-Technica ATH-M70x are only available in black. You might see other colors available in future but black is hot dude. More metal is used than other models in the series of ATH-xs.

You won’t see any issue in carrying or wearing as this one is more comfortable, lighter than comparison to previous one.

3. Sound Quality – which matters a lot –

If you see many headphone comes in this range from rank 1 to 10 gives you different experience in build, design, sound quality, comfort etc. This big boss rating is standard in every single field. It gives you pleasure in listening music, working on studio etc even you’re using mid-range Smartphone, it’ll work totally fine. Frequency range of ATH-M70x is flat as a butter, yummy, right?

Lows are very deep which feels very accurate, there are no dips in the midrange but still good for monitoring purpose. Highs are crystal clear but little sharp high if compare to today’s premium headphone, frequency range topping out at 40,000 Hz. For professionals this one is a master piece and would feel pleasure by using it.

4. Conclusion to buy or not –

If we compare the both model the Audio Technica ATH-M70x pretty better than the ATH-M50x. Why I am saying this? I mentioned the certain points above the design, weight, comfort, sound quality etc which gives you better experience than using the previous series.

If you’re a professional, working on studio mixing, create music etc and use headphones for that purpose stick with ATH-M50x or any other older series but if you want to listen music for home, using for personal use as well go for it and give try to this bad boy as well. I am sure you won’t be disappoint at all. Price is also not quite high as you get this one under 300$ which is better and not to spend on premium headphones getting the same on ATH-M70x.

Audio technica ath m70x

If you like the post and want to order this pancake, go check out the link below to get one at discount rate. Spending money is good but do investment on those to get return something. Thanks for reading this blog, do comment for any query, enjoy the headphone.

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