How to quickly setup Amazon echo dot app

How to setup Amazon echo dot app –

Amazon echo dot app – In recent posts, I explained about echo dot 2nd generation full specs, price and the link where you can buy in discount price. So how echo dot works? You’ll need of an amazon echo dot app to setup.

The best thing is you can use echo dot without other Alexa devices. Before you start using amazon echo dot with Alexa voice service, do following things below:

Amazon echo dot app

  1. First connect it to a Wi-Fi network,
  2. Second register to it your amazon account from the alexa app.
  3. Third, You can download the app by clicking on links below whatever the device you are using,
  4. Fourth, Download the Alexa app which is free, set it up with device, manage the things like alarms, music, shopping lists and many more.

How to setup amazon echo dot app:

    • Do turn on echo dot –
      Find the central location of your house, place it there. Then, plug the power adapter into Echo Dot and then into a power outlet. Let the light ring on Amazon Echo Dot turns blue, and then orange.
    • Now connect amazon echo dot to a Wi-Fi network –
      Open the Alexa app, just follow the instructions that how to connect Echo Dot to a Wi-Fi network.

If you’re getting problem in setup or it does not start automatically, just press and hold the action button on your amazon echo dot till the light ring turns orange. Then, open the Alexa app, go to settingsset up a new device.

  • It’s time to talk to Amazon Alexa.
    You are all set to use your Echo device. To get started, say the “wake word” and then speak naturally you talk at home to Alexa world.

Connect Echo Dot to an External Speaker –
Amazon Echo Dot has a nice speaker, you can connect it to external speakers through the audio cable or Bluetooth.

Echo Dot is so fun to use that you can place it anywhere in room like kitchen, living room, bedroom, computer desk etc.

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