sensi thermostat app – what is new in sensi thermostat app – how to set thermostat

sensi thermostat app – what is new?

Sensi thermostat app – works as your perfect personal remote control, helps you in getting instant access to your thermostat through your smartphone. It helps in changing system settings, adjust the temperature you want to set and change schedules when you’re on the go – or just don’t want to get up.

sensi thermostat app

It has redesigned and on new update give you good features which is super easy to use. Check out the updates below you get in new application :

What’s New in sensi thermostat app ?

Dashboard Review

Dashboard review which is great to use. By this, from one thermostat to many,  you can control your comfort with a few taps. It is very easy to navigate through multiple thermostats. If you want to access detailed information about a thermostat, all you need to do tap on the thermostat name and it will be taken to the thermostat detail view.

Geofencing Scheduling (Beta develop)

There are many people living an unplanned life. This sensi thermostat app might help you in many ways as it created the Geo-fencing feature. Through using your phone’s location relative to your individual thermostat’s location, it can automatically set your mode to home or away, creating a 3-degree offset to save you money while you’re gone. Just need to enable the geofencing feature for each thermostat in your home.

As per website,  this feature is currently in beta as development continues. You have to use it and send them feedback through account settings, write feedback and submit it.

Thermostat Detail View

They observe each and everything of iOS and Android users interact with their applications, it made usability enhancements to surface the most commonly-used features on the thermostat. You used to see the side menu which has been removed now and replaced it with a tab bar on the bottom of the thermostat detail view. Also accessing thermostat settings and scheduling quickly and easily.

sensi thermostat app

Favorite Familiar Features of sensi thermostat app

Program a Schedule

sensi thermostat app

  • You can create or set custom temperature schedules for each day of the week ( maximum up to seven independent schedules) through this beautiful app.
  • It is very helpful for your family’s routine as you can create one or multiple schedules to match it.
  • Select the days you want to follow a specific schedule by using this sensi thermostat app.
  • Now set points for each by choosing the time and temperature.
  • If you want to run a schedule, all you have to do scroll across the Thermostat Detail View on the home screen to see your scheduled temperatures for the next 24 hours. Also press the temperature bubbles to open that specific schedule and make changes according to you.

Keypad Lockout​​​​​​​

If you get tired of people who is messing with the thermostat? Guess what you need to enable keypad lockout from the Sensi thermostat app.  The best way to prevent accidental or who is intentionally change the setting to your thermostat. This mobile app is really best as it locks the buttons on the actual wall unit, but you have all the control. Check out the Advanced Settings to know more about the keypad lockout feature.

Set Point Controls

Through Auto system mode, you can set your home temperature within a specific range. Just press and hold the set point buttons to make them move faster.

Temperature Offset

sensi thermostat appThis cool feature that lets you adjust the room temperature reading +/- 5°F to match your preference. It is useful depend upon location if it is located in a warm or drafty location and is not an accurate reflection of your room temperature.

Download the application for both iOS and Android. Please check the system requirements below :

  • iOS 10.0 or above
  • Android – 4.2 or above (if using 5.0 or greater you can use the Geofencing feature)


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